Fam is live group video chat that works INSIDE your iMessage. Say hi to family, chill with up to 8 friends, or catch up with that special someone - all without leaving your current iMessage group chat or one-on-one conversation! Its never been easier to instantly group video chat with the people closest to you.

Welcome to Fam Support

Common questions & issues:

"I can't hear friend(s)" or "My friends can't hear me"

You / your friend(s) may have forgotten to enable "Microphone" access for Fam when you / they first installed. Go to the phone's Settings app > Privacy > Microphone > Make sure Fam is turned "ON" (the green switch). If that doesn't fix it or Microphone was already turned on, restart your / their phone and try again. And, if that also doesn't work, try deleting the Fam app and reinstalling.

"Can't see friend(s) / their screen is black" or "Friends say they can't see me"

You / your friend(s) may have forgotten to enable "Camera" access for Fam when you / they first installed. To fix this, go to the phone's Settings app > Privacy > Camera > Make sure Fam is turned "ON" (the green switch). If that doesn't fix it, restart your / their phone!

"When I press the pink button in iMessage it takes me to the App Store but doesn't load?"

Send your friends this link: https://appsto.re/us/bXQPgb.i, and make sure they have that Fam App installed. Then, tell your friend(s) to DELETE the "Fam Lite" app they have installed in their iMessage keyboard.

The reason it didn't work is because the friend(s) that sent the Fam iMessage Room sent it from the "Fam Lite" app, which is a VERY old version of the Fam app that is out of date and incompatible. Once they delete Fam Lite and have the regular Fam app installed, you'll all be good to go!

"Do I have a username? Do my friends have usernames? How do I find / add my friends?"

Yes - your Username is located in your Profile on the main Fam app. Press the white menu button in the top left to access your username. Right now though, there is no way to add friends to a call by their username only (that is coming soon!)

So, to search friends and add them to your group video call, all you have to do is search their name by how you have them saved in your phone. Same for your friends - tell them to just search for you based on how they have you saved in their phones. For example: If you have your friend saved as "Kasey" in your phone contacts, just type "kasey." If you have your friend saved as "Kaseyyy 😎😈", type "kaseyyy" and they will show up.

"I don't / my friend doesn't have a phone number. Can I / they use Fam with their email?"

Yes - but you / your friend will only be able to use the Fam app inside iMessage, since you / they won't be able to log in to the main Fam home screen app without a valid phone number. Do this: Send your friend a Fam iMessage link (the purple and pink image that gets sent through iMessage) and tell them to install the app from pressing that link. Now, whenever you send a Fam through iMessage to that friend who has an email address only, they will be able to join the call just by clicking it!

We will soon be adding email login options for those that don't have numbers!

"My screen keeps "dimming" / getting dark when I call inside iMessage?"

Open your phone's Settings > Display & Brigtness > Auto Lock > Set to "Never." As a reminder, you can use the main Fam home screen app to avoid your screen from dimming on the video call as well.

"How do you pause the video call to use other apps?"

  • When group video calling inside iMessage, there will be a pink Fam button logo in the top left corner of your iMessage. Press that, and you'll be taken to the main Fam app, where you'll be able to now go on your home screen to use other apps, multitask, etc.
  • When group video calling inside the main Fam home screen app, simply press the home button on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, and a red bar will appear at the top of your phone screen that signifies you are using Fam "in the background."

"How do you play / win in the Draw Game?"

  1. One person draws a word on the screen 🎨
  2. Everyone else shouts guesses for the word out loud πŸ—£
  3. Whoever guesses correctly will flash green and will get 1 point ✳️
  4. First person to 10 points wins! πŸ†

"I'm not getting a code / my code isn't working"

First, you need to have SMS texts enabled on your device in order to receive your login code, so check your phone's Settings to make sure that's turned ON. Second, triple check that you entered your phone number correctly. Third, if you're still not getting a code, press the "Back" button to resend a new code. If you do not receive a code within 5 minutes of requesting one, email us at support@fam.live with your phone number and subject header "Login Code." We will send your code via email!

β€œDoes Fam work on Mac/PCs or Android phones?"

No, not yet. Currently, there is no Android or Mac/PC versions available for Fam. But, we have gotten a LOT of requests for both computer and Android Fam apps, and are seriously considering it! You will see us post updates about these on our Instagram (@TheFamApp), Twitter (@FamAppOfficial), and on the Fam App Store page!

"How many people can be in one video call at once?"

There is NO LIMIT to the number of people you can have in one fam call at once. We suggest not having more than 16 friends in the call at once though, because the screens get pretty small (its kind of funny!) NOTE: The more people you have on a call at once, the more of your phone's processing power will be used, and the faster your phone battery will drain. In addition, you may experience slightly more "lagginess," too.

"Every time I try to open the Fam app, it just keeps crashing without me seeing anything?"

First, go to your phone's Settings and make sure your software is at least iOS 10 or greater (Fam will not work on any software under iOS 10). If that doesn't work, restart your phone (hold the lock and home screen button at same time until your screen turns off and then back on), and try again. Finally, if that doesn't work, delete the Fam app and reinstall.

"How do I delete my Fam account?"

If you delete the Fam app, your account will also be deleted. While your Fam app is deleted, you will not appear as available to group video call to your friends. The only way to reactivate your Fam account is if you decide to reinstall the Fam app in the future. You will be sent a new login code the next time you try to sign in.

Need help, fam?

We respond in under a few hours!