Fam is a live group video chat app that works inside your iMessage app. Say hi to family, chill with unlimited friends, or catch up with that special someone - all without leaving your current iMessage group chat or one-on-one conversation! Its never been easier to instantly group video chat with the people closest to you.

Fam lets you do group videochats directly within iMessage

via TECHCRUNCH: "In my opinion, one of FaceTime’s major flaws is the lack of group video chat. Sure, apps like Skype, ooVoo and now Messenger let you do group video chats, but it’s just not as seamless as FaceTime. And while Houseparty has also recently entered the group video chat race, they are focused more on providing a shared space for all of your friends to pop in and out of a video chat. Enter Fam. The app lets you create group video chats directly within iMessage..."

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The 10 best iMessage Apps of 2016

via VENTUREBEAT: "1. Fam In short order, Fam appears to have become the biggest success story in the iMessage App Store so far. Fam was released earlier this month and claims to have already racked up more than a million downloads. It’s now at #2 in the Top Free app category of the iMessage App Store behind GamePigeon, a collection of about a dozen games you can play with friends..."

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