Fam is live group video chat that works INSIDE your iMessage. Say hi to family, chill with up to 8 friends, or catch up with that special someone - all without leaving your current iMessage group chat or one-on-one conversation! Its never been easier to instantly group video chat with the people closest to you.

Fork In The Road: Venture Capital Or Strategic Investment And Partnership?

via FORBES: Over the past year or so, our company has taken a ride on every possible rollercoaster you can think of -- from reorganizing our team and iterating on new products to being in the red with cash/liabilities and raising a round of funding in the two weeks leading up to the holidays. As with every startup story you’ve ever heard, just when you think it’s getting easy, it gets harder than you would ever think.

Having raised about $4 million in three rounds of financing from angel and VC investors, we are now into our fourth year of the company and are yet again reaching a unique fork in the road: determining who the best partner(s) will be to help break through our next set of milestones.

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Has Boston given birth to the next Snapchat?

via BOSTON GLOBE: Fam, a social video app launched in December by local startup Smack Inc., has enjoyed explosive growth, with five million users already signed up. Fam lets users conduct simultaneous video chats with multiple friends or family members. One reason for its sudden popularity? Fam operates within the iPhone’s iMessage app, putting it instantly within reach of an enormous audience. But Fam’s founders are still trying to figure out how to turn its popularity into profits.

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How This Boston Startup's 'Group FaceTime' App Became a Social Media Hit

via BOSTINNO: Their disappointment was loud and clear. Apple had just finished its big WWDC presentation last week on Monday, June 5, and it became apparent that the West Coast tech giant wasn't going to release a feature for iPhone that many fans were clamoring for: group FaceTime. One user on Twitter summed up this sense of injustice, which has since been retweeted over 1,000 times. The ability to use Apple's mobile video chat software with multiple people at once seemed like a simple request, to the point where multiple tech blogs teased a potential announcement coming from Apple. But it never came. The thing is, there actually is a "group FaceTime" app available on iPhone — it's just not made by Apple. The app is called Fam

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Fam may add TV shows and games to its iPhone group video app

via VENTUREBEAT: Group video chat Fam is thinking about adding several interactive experiences to its iOS and iMessage apps, including TV shows, news video, and other content to play and watch with friends. Fam users can chat with more than a dozen people at once. Just four months old, Boston-based Smack, the company behind Fam, will begin by adding more games in the coming months and then expand further by working with production partners and game developers.

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Fam raises $1.8 million for its iMessage-based group video chat app

via TECHCRUNCH: The iMessage App Store may have its struggles, but one app aimed at bringing group video chat into the iMessage experience is reportedly taking off. Boston-based Smack, the company behind the video chat app called Fam, has raised $1.8 million in funding from a range of investors for its top 25 Social Networking app on the App Store that allows groups to chat with one another via iMessage with just a few taps.

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Fam lets you do group videochats directly within iMessage

via TECHCRUNCH: "In my opinion, one of FaceTime’s major flaws is the lack of group video chat. Sure, apps like Skype, ooVoo and now Messenger let you do group video chats, but it’s just not as seamless as FaceTime. And while Houseparty has also recently entered the group video chat race, they are focused more on providing a shared space for all of your friends to pop in and out of a video chat. Enter Fam. The app lets you create group video chats directly within iMessage..."

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The 10 best iMessage Apps of 2016

via VENTUREBEAT: "1. Fam In short order, Fam appears to have become the biggest success story in the iMessage App Store so far. Fam was released earlier this month and claims to have already racked up more than a million downloads. It’s now at #2 in the Top Free app category of the iMessage App Store behind GamePigeon, a collection of about a dozen games you can play with friends..."

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