Fam is live group video chat that works INSIDE your iMessage. Say hi to family, chill with up to 8 friends, or catch up with that special someone - all without leaving your current iMessage group chat or one-on-one conversation! Its never been easier to instantly group video chat with the people closest to you.

Fun, interactive group video calling inside iMessage with unlimited friends at once

What is Fam?

Fam is the most fun, meaningful way to connect with those closest to you. Through the combination of live video, group messaging, and interactive elements (i.e., Games), Fam makes communication with friends and your fam fun and engaging.

Each day, you communicate with your closest friends, family members, colleagues, classmates, and teammates through iMessage; its the primary communication platform for iPhone users today. Fam takes this platform and makes it more intimate, fun, and interactive through native live group video calling. All the magic of Fam literally happens inside your iMessage group chats and one-on-one conversations.

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